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 Fake people...

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PostSubject: Fake people...   Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:39 pm

If there is something i hate, its fake people.
I just fucking hate them with a passion and there is no excuse for being fake. None once so ever.
If you dont like me, then tell me. Dont smile and say your my friend then PM one of your other friends and be like OMG I HATE HER SO MUCH Evil or Very Mad
No, thats just stupid as hell. Im not forcing you to like me. If you dont, then you dont. Its simple. Dont pretend.

I have had so many fake friends it makes me wanna hurl, and all of them are the same.

"Omg saki, your so awesome ^.^ I will always be your friend. If you need to talk, come to me!"

Now what impression does this give? That they are your friend right? its pretty simple not hard to mistake really... but no they dont really mean that.
What they really mean is...

"Saki your not too bad. Your a high lvl veno so thats cool, if i need a puller im sure to call you if i need you. Will i invite you to any of my parties if we can find another veno? nah. Will i invite you to my fb's? nah but if we have no one left possible i will call you. Not only will i call you, but i wont wait a single moment for you if you might be busy. Hell, i wont even ask you if your busy! I will just insist you drop everything and come Very Happy
Not only that, but if you need someone to talk to, please make me the last person you message. As i only see you as a tool in my lvling process, i could really careless if your upset or anything. Of course if you do come to me, i will read it... kinda. I wont tell you what i think tho, i will just give you bullshit responces like "aww that sucks Sad" and "i see" and "yeah"... but im not really listening."

You serious?...

Here is a good example of a past fake friend i had. I wont give names though.

She joined my guild not too long after it started. She was a nice girl... but she was the type of girl to just go along with you rather then being herself. Like if you said "oh that was a great movie" and even if she didnt see it, she would reply "yeah it was so awesome" .... >.> im sorry but that aggrivates me. Anyway, to continue...
She was nice, yes. Was she a real person Sad no...

She promoted my guild alot. Saying "influence is the best ever! Join us Very Happy". Constantly telling everyone in guild who she loved us all... but when a little problem came up in guild... was she there to support us? LOL NO! she ran like everyone else with the promise to be back. "Of course i will come back Saki, Influence is my home! Just give me a week to be by myself for a while and i will be back."
Did i believe her? Of course i did. I thought, ok maybe she does need a break.

=== A week later ===

I ask her, so you coming back? "Nah... give me another week. Im helping my boyfriend with his guild" ok... well thats well in good, so are you really gonna come back? "Yeah yeah dont worry about it ^.^ i promise i will be back"

=== Second week later ===

I ask her again, well its been another week... not to pester you but you said you were coming back. "yeah.. about that. Ive decided to stay here. They really seem to like me and i think they would be sad if i left"... ok fine.
You think thats the end of it? nah...
Here and her boyfriend broke up shortly after. He decided he would rather be friends then hold a commitment. Kinda balls to admit that (since most men wont) but i respect it. Now shes guildless. Now shes emo as hell! Talking about quitting and how she so sad... and who does she turn to? Of course me Smile And what do i say to her? Im so sorry that happend to you but are you sure your gonna quit? "yeah, i cant stand to be here anymore. Im so sorry i never joined back. I missed you guys so much" Well you could always come back and we can help you through it "No no i must leave the game.
Ok, all well in good. Heartbreak is gay and you wanna quit...

=== Another week later ===

What do i see on guild chat? Oh Very Happy its her! And what is she doing? Why.. promoting another guild Very Happy!
"Join Rebirth! This is the best guild ever! I love you guys!"
Oh.. but i thought she quit? o:

And just another 2 week later, she MSNs me how upset she is. She hates Rebirth (and from what i heard, they hated her too) and shes so upset and shes quitting again.
Ok? what do you want me to do about it? You havent talked to me in like a month... why are you MSNing me?
"Oh im finally quitting for good and i gave away all my stuff to my friends"
Nice to know im not one since i didnt receive anything Smile... again why are you MSNing me?

Well to make along story short (although its already long), i grossed her out and blocked her.

Thats just an example of one person though. I just dont understand it. She could have just said she didnt wanna come back. Thats simple. I would have been sad but i would have accepted it and moved on. And after she just kicked me in the fact, still continued to come to me?

Heres another good example of a different situation.

Barb joins my guild after a while of knowing him. He wont join though, unless his daughter comes with him. He will NOT be in a guild without her. So i say ok, and i let them both in.
They both explain how they love the guild so much and intend on staying. Which makes me and others happy.
His daughter is one of the most immature and annoying people EVER! I constantly told her to stop spamming. So aggrivating.
Well me and the barb go on some Apocalypse page runs in Edan. He explains he doesnt need any pages and doesnt intend on getting the skills and he will give all his pages to me.
Ok sounds simple enough.
While we are getting pages, we encounter the first fb89 boss and decide to kill him. Anjhel gives his armor to the barb so he wont have to pay for repairs and he wont be as damaged. The barb accepts it and kills the boss. The boss drops a book that a friend told us was worth 5mil and the book ended up in my inventory. So yeah, i was happy as a pig in shit! Of course i found out later it wasnt worth 5mil... it was maybe worth 500k but thats about it.
The next morning, the barb announces hes leaving to join his friends guild. We all ask why. He says: "Well shes a high lvl cleric and i need all the heals i can get since repairs cost me alot." Ok.... so why do you need to be in her guild to get her help? of course he doesnt answer though. So Rosilyn asks him, So shes willing to buy you all the HP charms you need and heal you, is that right? Why yes she is! So i tell him, Im sorry im not a high lvl cleric and not rich like your friend but its kinda sad your gonna leave us just for that. So he says "Well im leaving my daughter with you if thats ok?" and leaves our guild. I thought the only way for him to join a guild... was if she was with him? yeah bullshit.
So later i PM him and tell him how much of a douchebag he is, and he tells me the real reason he left.
"You got a book worth 5mil and couldnt even share it with me? After all the repairs i needed after that run"
Well sweetie, it wasnt worth 5mil and if you wanted it so fucking badly here, i will mail it to you (and i did). And as for your repaires, i told you that you didnt need to come, and that if you needed money for repairs, that i would pay you. But did he accept them? nope. But did he leave crying? Yep Very Happy
Kinda find it rediculous he expected me to buy him HP charms when im broke myself. And that his friend had to bribe him with money and heals for him to join her.

But i think, outta all the fake people i've encountered... one takes the cake completely.
Him and his Wife.
Ive known them both since they started the game. I helped them out no matter what and got them to their lvls. I even made them marshals.
They acted like they loved me. Like they were my best friend. But where they really? Nope.
Instead they talked crap behind my back. Constantly complaining about me yet loving to ask me for help.
But was me, or any of my guild members ever invited to their FB's? Nope. But we were the last people they would call if they needed someone Very Happy
My goodness it pissed me off. I wanted to kick them so badly but everyone else loved them. They were social in the guild and so everyone took a shinning to them. But did they care about us or our guild? Nope Very Happy
They made it a point to leave 5 different times just because there was a issue in guild (people not helping, someone causing drama, etc.) then cry to come back. And these were my Marshals, mind you.
Did i wanna invite them back? God no! But did everyone else want me to? Of course -.-
As they used us and used us and used us... Finally they left perminantly. And blamed it on me.
What happened that day?
It was the girls fb69 and their puller had to leave, so i was invited. I was told they couldnt wait for me to finish my quest and insisted i had to go now. So i did and we waited over 30 minutes for one of their friends Smile Nice. I explained to her that i found it very rude to be the last one invited, and only because their friend had to go. I also found it rude that they couldnt wait for me yet we were sitting here for 30minutes for this guy. Of course she apologized and said she was sorry... But on the other hand, she PMed her husband telling him how much she couldnt stand me. So he PMed me telling me to stop talkng to her.
Now wtf?
He wouldnt tell me why or anything just continue to say to stop talking to her. I made it clear that i wanted to know why but he simply said "Well i warned you". SO i said fuck it. I wont need to be in this FB nor to be treated like this. Of course i didnt say it out loud, but i thought it. So i left the party. And in repayment, That very second i left, they left my guild.
Best part was, they told everyone who asked that they couldnt stand it anymore nor could they stand me.

I just love fake people, dont you Wink?
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PostSubject: Re: Fake people...   Wed Apr 29, 2009 10:30 am

Wow, I don't even know what to say. I really really hope you don't find anyone like that here in our faction.
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PostSubject: Re: Fake people...   Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:21 pm

I doubt it, there is just so many ive met on PWI. Like thats just 3 examples. Ive met over a dozen people like that and its just plain sickening.
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PostSubject: Re: Fake people...   

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Fake people...
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