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 My room mates.

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PostSubject: My room mates.   Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:03 pm

As some of you might know. I live with my best friend Pat, his girlfriend and my rl boyfriend.
A while ago, i became homeless because of my sister kicking me out for her boyfriend could live with her, so me, pat and my bf micki decided to get a place together.
We all made rules very clear (or.. i did rather).
We clean up after ourselves. We do our own dishes. We pay our bills on time. And if there is a problem, to solve it.

Pretty simple rules. Common sense really.

Well the first few months were good. We followed our rules. Living here was nice... and then she moved in.

Pats gf decided to move in. Now shes a nice girl. We didnt mind... at first.

I have never met anyone like her in my life. Now people say "half assing" a job as in not doing it as good as they could... but she really gives it a new meaning.
Once she decided to do her laundry so she got all the towels from the bathroom hamper to put them in her laundry bag... then decided not to and just dropped them on the floor and left. I walk into the bathroom to see towels and her clothes all over the floor... im like wtf?

She makes dinner every so often for her and Pat... and leaves the oven on... >.< How the fuck do you manage to do that? Normally when you take meat or w/e out of the oven... you TURN IT OFF! I have come into that kitchen now 4 times to it feeling like a sauna and having to turn the oven off with an oven mit because the dial burned me. But what to you expect when the oven has been on 450 for 3 hours?

Every morning this has been my routine...

Wake up.
Go to the bathroom.
Turn off the bathroom light from the night before (yes it had been on all night since she used it)
Close the shower curtain.
Mop the water off the floor.
Turn off the sink.
Use the bathroom.
Go into the kitchen for breakfest.
Wipe down the counters.
Wipe down the table.
Put away EVERYTHING she used the day before.
Put her dishes in the sink.
Wipe down the stove (how she gets it so nasty, i will never know)
Eat breakfest.
Go into my room and just play PW.
Go to the bathroom again.
Turn off the bathroom light again (its day, it doesnt need to be on)
Turn off the sick again.
Use the bathroom.
Go into the kitchen for something to eat.
Clean everything all. over. again...
Decide im too irritated to eat and go back to play PW.

Now this is my routine EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cant fuckign stand it. She is like a 2 year old.

I mean come on! Fuck! When you make a sandwich, you take out the meat, the cheese, the mayo, the bread. You make the sandwich and put the things back and eat it. Right? simple? common sense? NOT FOR HER.
She leaves EVERYTHING SHE USED on the table.. to get bad.. for hours..

And every night before i sleep, i go into the living room, pick up her and pats dishes that have been sitting there with food still on it for the entire day, put the food in the trash and put it in the sink. I turn off the sink and light AGAIN and the lights in the living room, AND THE TV.... then sleep.

Should i have to do this every single day? Is she not a big enough girl to pick up after herself?

Now you think this is bad? Ive already gotten used to it... but there is one thing i will not get used to...


When we first moved in, we all decided where we will put our bathroom stuff. Her and Pat bought a shelf thing that hangs off that shower head, and me and micki use the build-in self on the side of the shower wall. Its simple. Its organized but its NOT REAL!
Every fucking time i go to shower, i have to move HER SHAMPOO and HER SOAP off my area and find MY stuff somewhere else. WHY THE FUCK DOES SHE MOVE IT? I dont understand this, i really fucking dont. She has no right touching my shit and moving it.
Not only that but if she bumps one of our things, lets it drop and break... instead of picking it up, showing it to us and apologizes... she fucking lives it there. Just leaves it. Shampoo oozing out all over the tub. All on the walls. All over the place... just fucking leaves it there.

Now im sure your thinking "Saki why not talk to her about it?"
I HAVE! SEVERAL TIMES! Her and Pat cux if i dont get through to her, im sure he could. But no. Nothing changes.

Not only that but just last week, i asked her for money for cable. I had internet before she moved in, so the cable, phone and internet have to be under my account since i lived here first (since its the same provider). And instead of, you know, giving me the money. She says "What about utilites?" Im like... what about them? She truelly tires telling me i didnt pay them for 4 months straight!
Oh hell fucking no. Not only is this bill not in her name, not only does she have no business in what i pay, but shes bullshitting wrong. I paid every single month to pat (since its in his name). Now what he did with the money? I dont fucking care cuz its not my problem. The only thing i need to know is i paid it.
So we argue about it and i continually tell her "Omfg this has nothing to do with you, its not you bill and i did pay it" but she tells me she wont pay cable and phone until i pay Pat the owed utility money.
Now isnt that nice? I paid it. I know for a fact i did and now im gonna end up oweing my bills cuz she wont pay me.
So i make it very obvious if she doesnt pay me i will shut off her cable and phone and she wont be getting it again. And later that night i talk to Pat about it. I tell him, you know i really didnt appreciate that scene. I dont care if you dont remember me paying you, but i did pay you and i know it for a fact.
So hes like, well dont worry about it. I will just be writing everyone receipts from now on so this wont happen. Im like, ok cool. Sounds like a plan.
BUT NO! She literally runs from their room and is like "EXCUSE ME SAKI, but you DIDNT pay and..." blah blah OMFG I WANNA BASH YOUR FUCKING HEAD IN! Again i tell her ITS NOT YOUR BILL ITS NOT YOUR PROBLEM GTFO OF MY BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then she goes away.

REALLY? is this really necessary? ;( Why? just... why?
So me and my bf are planning on moving out and not giving a damn if they cant pay for this place without us. Yeah Pats my friend but hes not doing anything to help this out so hes becoming part of the problem.
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PostSubject: Re: My room mates.   Tue Apr 28, 2009 9:59 pm

Ugh...I feel for you Saki. I had a terrible roommate once, but yours just tops it all off. I'd say discreetly throw her things away (or hide them) that she leaves around for you to clean up...obviously she doesn't care enough about her belongs to take care of them. clown
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Age : 29
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PostSubject: Re: My room mates.   Tue Apr 28, 2009 10:14 pm

So many people have told me to do that... but i cant. Im too nice. Id love to but i cant bring myself to do it ><
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PostSubject: Re: My room mates.   Wed Apr 29, 2009 12:35 am

Hon, when you pay the bills to Pat, make them out to him and put on the line exactly what it is for and dates it covers. DO NOT GIVE HIM CASH!!! Get a money order and fill it out and keep the stub. For the BITCH that cant pick up after herself, let the stuff lay around and when you run out of dishes, tell her its her turn to clean them up! I know its hard not being nice to ppl, but hon you have got to put your foot down (or up her ass) and set her straight on the rules. BE FIRM. Your health is to important for you to keep taking this from her. Hope this helps. Good Luck also.
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Age : 29
Location : Behind you

PostSubject: Re: My room mates.   Wed Apr 29, 2009 11:20 pm

Yeah Pats writing all of us receipts now and we are holding on to them.
As for letting her shit just lay there... ive tried. We had a sink pilled high with dishes. My bf told me to just leave it there and not say nothing. Not to clean the kitchen at all.... and the entire kitchen stayed like that for a week... no lie.
I cant stand living in filth.
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PostSubject: Re: My room mates.   

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My room mates.
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