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PostSubject: /// Dangerminx ///   /// Dangerminx /// Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 1:32 pm

Hey all, 1st time here n requesting access if its restricted (haven't checked)

I'm from Dragonscale & Lords of Death on a (mysteriously) unknown-to-PW mmo called Shadowbane, the Ubisoft/Wolfpack/SBG phenom. After an illustrious six-year run the servers are finally going down in July, so i'm really bummed right now Crying or Very sad

SB taught me how vital true leadership is, how important the willingess to roll as a team member is, the critical nature of spec grps, battlefield tactics and, most importantly, that its all only pixels--the humans at the keyboards are all that matters

Sorry it took so long to reg. I'm like that. Will post a sig later at some point providing the format permits art sigs

Look forward to playing with you all


Shadowbane char creat intro (HD enabled):

Sample Shadowbane siege:
PS The rock with the glowy globe atop it is the Bane Stone. I must be destroyed in order for the city--typically worth 100s of millions--to survive
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/// Dangerminx ///
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