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 'Non-fact rez' & the PW community

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PostSubject: 'Non-fact rez' & the PW community   Thu May 07, 2009 9:46 pm

Several days ago I enjoyed a little debate with a handful of guildies. It went something like this:

I'd been questing on an island in the E. Sea when a barb in our fact requested a rez. As no hi-rez cleric was available at the time, I took it upon myself to assist the hapless player, left my quest and went off to persuade a stranger to help. After a few minutes I located a sweet gal ('Racelle', if memory serves) who was willing to drop everything and provide succor.

As she was en route I suggested to the barb that he offer her a reward of coin for her selfless deed, explaining that she would most likely decline it, but that it was nice to offer anyway and it would only serve to affirm our faction's positive image. He liked the idea and I was happy he did.

Sometime later the barb asked for another rez. I whispered Racelle again, she again left everything to help him and I again suggested the same etiquette. I never did find out if he in fact did offer any cion, or if she accepted it. What struck me was the dialogue in faction channel this series of events prompted.

"I'd never pay for a rez" and "Why should you expect to be paid for a rez" summarizes incoming messages in the conversation. I attempted to explain that the cleric was doing it out of the kindness of her heart, that she was a total stranger with something to lose from her act, and that she was oblivious to the fact that reward was even being mentioned by anyone. I, however, failed to change anyone's perspective on the matter and that disappointed me; must be losing my edge.

My question is this: Since money partly represents our time and work, why not at least offer to defray a portion of what a complete stranger has given up to travel and come save some of your xp and time? The cleric in question didn't predicate her assistence on remuneration after all, nor did she give any sign she expected anything; it had been MY suggestion limited to faction channel.
Do we feel entitled to impose on strangers, causing them to miss out on time, xp, gold, resources etc in order to travel and render us assistence? (the cleric in fact did lose her mob to another farmer while helping us)

I guess my argument is one for civility. Sure, you can burp the throwaway line "If you ever need MY help just let me know" but honestly, how often do people ever follow through on that. So, since coin partly represents our work, I for one am only too happy to help defray the real cost of the altruistic deed a "non-faction rez" is. In fact I usually insist on it unless the cleric is already in my immediate vicinity and its no sweat on their part. Moreover, on several occasions I've received "I wish there were more players like you" comments.

Until TW--hell, even after TW--I consider everyone my neighbour and potential friend. I've played in the most brutal, hardcore pk guilds and in the cuddliest 'carebear' guilds and the overriding message I've taken away from my years of mmo play is this: Its only pixels. The human beings at the keyboards you play with and against trump all other considerations. That's the way I see it.

Saki, I sympathize with you wholeheartedly. I'm 100% genuine however. My whole philosophy of gaming requires it; love me or hate me.

I look forward to playing with you friend Smile
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'Non-fact rez' & the PW community
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