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 People around the same levels need to stick together.

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PostSubject: People around the same levels need to stick together.   Mon May 11, 2009 10:27 pm

Hey there was just having an issue with people crying out for help constantly. Of course people need help and that is not my main concern my concern is alot of times they go right to the 80+ people in the faction(which coincedentally are the busiest people in the faction already) The fact is you're never gonna learn how to work as a team if you always depend on higher levels for everything. Some things are understandable such as krimson and Mantavip but otherwise we are so busy we dont have time to babysit someone that needs so something as simple as chin or dismall shade. YOU need to get groups together of your own level (or in that general area) or you will NEVER learn how to work as a team. We have tanks in our faction that dont even know how to tank because they have never had to...its too easy for them to call the high lvls and have us do thier work. This has to stop.
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People around the same levels need to stick together.
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