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 Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)

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PostSubject: Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)   Mon May 11, 2009 10:57 pm

TO BE ANNOUNCED because i absolutely refuse to post these rules without getting insight from all the other officals of the faction therefore i need to talk to them in the near future. The reason i say this is unfortunate is some of you dont know how to act and try to keep things civil between everyone. My 5 main concerns at the moment are(keep in mind they are opinions) nothing is official yet!

1. Language (it says you have to be 17 to even download the game) therefore some abusive language is allowable in guild chat in my opinion but if you are offensive you should be warned, and if you dont heed the warning gotta leave it up to officials to decide that are online at the time.

2> This faction needs to remain drama FREE. If you have a problem with someone keep it between the two of you in private messages, dont waste the guilds time with your BS. If you absolutely must then get an official involved but most of you are mature enough to handle your own problems...its part of life you need to deal with it. There will always be conflict in this world there is no way to completely prevent it. The officials/higher lvls and some lower lvls are busy constantly helping with TTs FBs Bosses or whatever the case. If you bring your drama to us your preventing your guild mates from lvling and its usually some "he said she said bullshit" therefore your conflict with one person is gonna really screw numerous people over because then we are forced to help, (standing in one spot typing) instead of doing whats really important in the game.

3. We are trying to run this faction as if its two factions still we do not have the numbers to do so anymore. People in voice chat should go in voice chat for fb runs, tt runs or reasons they actually need to be in voice chat. Not to mention theres only 2 or 3 80+ that get screwed over consistantly because everyone on voice chat ignores thier requests. Seriously how the hell we expect to run a guild like this....the communication is fckd and has been for quite some time....now its at its worst cuz is less people in faction. We either need to get a voice server such as VENT so everyone can participate, make it a guild requirement to have it. Or you people in voice 99% of the time need to type occasionaly and help out the others trying to keep up with faction chat.....Usually i whisper people instead of talking on faction chat that need help or i end up helping 5 or 6 others because no one is willing to help them....in reality i think they are all oblivious to the fact they need help cuz they are all on voice but i really dont know....says they are online

4. People around the same lvl need to stick together but theres gotta be a cutoff point. Obviously help each other with quests and things like that around your same level.....but if 2 people need 2 different bosses, cant you split up?!?! is it that hard????? You must stick together like glue or you die? common sense tells that would cut your time in half so you can get back together. Its always the same cliques that hang together too.....People act like towtruck is there own personal cleric which is bullshit. I was told to find my own personal cleric also fucking pathetic in my opinion....we need to work together in seperate groups also....If your always in the same clique only people your useful to is that clique while everyone else gets fucked over.....and you wonder why alot of our higher lvls leave?! its obvious open your eyes!

5. This faction can not be a revovling door anymore, you leave once and decide to come back its fine....2nd time you leave your not getting back in without a vote. 3 strikes your out....i mean how many times can we allow the same people coming in, using us quick, benefiting from us, then running to nefarious or legendary.

THESE ARE MY OPINIONS but something needs to be done and what needs to be done is so blatantly obvious cant we just wake the fuck up and get this faction rolling on the right path again?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vu4Woq5a7Cw This is nearly an exact representation of how i feel right now about our family so lets work together and try to fix it instead of all acting oblivious like nothing is wrong!!!!!!

I cant take no more what are we fighitng for?! your all my brothers and sisters each one i would die for.....please just let it all go. Lets get on the game and remember what we play for cant we all just WAKE THE FUCK UP
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PostSubject: Re: Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)   Tue May 12, 2009 2:52 am

I love the rules. and i agree with ya.
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PostSubject: Re: Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)   Wed May 13, 2009 6:34 pm

I don't have a problem with those rules. They seem pretty common sense to me.
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PostSubject: voice chat   Wed May 13, 2009 9:52 pm

We have vent right?...So could we still go on vent even though we don't have a mic. Just for better communication wise.
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PostSubject: Re: Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)   Thu May 14, 2009 10:59 am

i certainly agree to those rules as well as we need to discuss how future members will get TT gear donated to them or what. and also my question is do you have a plan as to how to make more flexible parties?

RyuuHime wrote:
We have vent right?...So could we still go on vent even though we don't have a mic. Just for better communication wise.

yes, you most certainly can get voice to simply hear orders instead of waiting till they are typed out. the program of chat we use is GSC and you can find it at http://www.getgsc.com/

after you've made your account, simply follow the instructions on this thread, http://r3n3g4d3s.forumotion.net/announcements-f9/voice-chat-t50.htm , and then let us know once that is complete as we have a password on the chat and will let you know what it is
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PostSubject: Re: Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)   Mon May 18, 2009 5:20 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)   

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Unfortunately.....a set of faction rules(unnofical)
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