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 Helping with Farming Mats

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PostSubject: Helping with Farming Mats   Thu Jul 16, 2009 6:26 pm

Well, if your a person out there that have a lot of trouble farming mats for crafting wise. Then hopefully this guide will help you in a lot of ways.Well recently i've been mountless and all i had was my SwiftShadow. It was slow and you would see a whole bunch of others on their mounts getting all your mats. I found this site and it was very helpful. Well my old site was also very helpful but this one is more descriptive and you wouldnt have to type it out. My old site was http://www.pwdatabase.com/pwi/search_item it helped me for quite a while...until i was mountless and died lol...so while i was waiting for a res i did a little research and i found this site. http://pwmap.ru/pwi/ It shows u way more and the map is very descriptive. I hope this helps you alot just like it helped me.

Feel free anyone to add some sites or anything that would help...or did i miss anything.


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Helping with Farming Mats
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