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PostSubject: TALK IN COLORS!!   Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:46 pm

heyy guys!! i was playing and i saw some people changing the color of the commun chat.. so i looked up in some forums.. and now its time for it to be in our forum too xDD if u are someone who look in the forum.. ull be abble to bring some colors to the faction chat and all around... if u dont come here.. not my fault haha xDD

So there are only 2 colors i found.. the Green like squad chat and the blue like faction chat


<2><-=FReaK=- ROCKS><1:0>
<1><-=FReak=- ROCKS><1:0>

Now, copy past this xDD
so all u have to do is to write between the <> and there u go =]]
enjoy the new colors xDD but its pretty hard to do all that by ur own in game.. so i suggest u to have a word folder or pad
and have that ready theere.. so u can replace the text all the time and CTRL+C and then CTRL+V in game..

Take care all xD and see u all in game

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PostSubject: Re: TALK IN COLORS!!   Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:55 am

You may want to be careful about this text color change thing. There's a lot of talk about it being a bannable offense, because it can be used to impersonate things you shouldn't... system messages etc. Here's a forum post link that gets into this.

Type in Green

Messing with this may not be worth tempting a possible nasty fate. affraid

Evil or Very Mad Kat
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