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 a couple to add to the black list

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PostSubject: a couple to add to the black list   Wed Feb 11, 2009 12:22 pm

Some cleric named Ammonia probably one of the rudest inconsiderate people ive seen around pwi lately. Ive had a few run ins with her she ks''s constantly and she is very greedy (will pick up your loot etc) if you fightin in groups of monsters.

2nd person that made it to the list is Lowned, this dude is one of the most arrogant pieces of crap ive seen on this game. He also tries to order people around. I was in whestone village and him and a bunch of pkers were talking crap which is common around that area but i said i few comments that were total jokes. Then Lowned just jumped on me saying that i should shut up and leave out of the town and were just here talking shit and not to get involved. I told him "oh, im talking shit too and i dont take orders from bitches so why dont you stfu and leave. So i think i made an enemy for life because everyone started laughing at him that wasnt on his "pking side"
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a couple to add to the black list
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