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PostSubject: Venomancers   Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:52 pm

These are the chars that have pets with uncanny damage dealing and lureing abilitys. not sure on alot of info outside my class so any venos feel free to add some info and help other venos out would be great
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PostSubject: Making Non-Veno Pets   Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:59 pm

So I was bored one day and went to Mrs. Zologist for a collar and wrote down if not all, most of the non-veno pets you can make. They are free to get and could get you some extra money if you are tight.

Baby Foxwing:
Snatchfoot foxwing (lvl 37) x 3 (634 847)
Foxwing of the void (lvl 41) x 3 (265 367)
Foxwing Supreme (lvl 60) x 3 (413 338)These can be found anywhere, but there is a large clump of them here

Baby Antelope:
Antelope Pup (lvl 30) x 3 (Found around stairway to heaven)
Frost Antelope (lvl 51) x 2 (419 477)
Proud Antelope (lvl 51) x 1 (419 477)
Soulchaser Antelope (lvl 54) x 1 (North of Tusk Town)
Antelope Sage (lvl 62) x 1 (Unforunately, these can only be obtained in the Valley of Disaster, in the lower right hand corner)

Baby Mothran Dazzlewing:
Mothran Dazzlewing (lvl 80) x 10 (637 514)

Baby Huggy Hare:
Huggy Hare (lvl 75) x 10 (656 600)

Baby Eidolon:
Infernal Eidolon (lvl 84) x 10 (122 770)

Baby Elysium Fowl:
Elysium Fowl (lvl 73) x 10 (679 551)

Baby Tabby Plumdrop:
Tabby Plumdrop (lvl 20) x 5 (362 690) (397 619) Rare spawn, only go after if you really want it

Baby Snow Hare:
Snow Hare (lvl 20) x 5 (95 808) (98 860) (185 885) (469 921) (501 1006) Also a rare spawn

Baby frog:
I couldn't find any info on this on, only that you need 8 treefrog for it

A few more..

My fav to get one day..
Flying Piglet:

You need:
5 Flying Swine Peteggs
Lvl: 20
Respawn: 12 h
C: 408, 638 (air)


You need:
8 Little Froggy Peteggs
Lvl: 20
Respawn: 12 h
C: 240, 555- 246, 571

Ephyraling: I want this one or piggy =(

(Young Butterfly in other versions)

You need:
10 WaveSclew Eidolon Peteggs
Lvl: 80
Respawn: -
C: 608, 378 -616, 366 (air)

Baby Salamander: (Young Fire Spirit in other versions)
You need:
10 Flame Eidolon Peteggs
Lvl: 84
Respawn: -
C: 110, 771 - 127, 775 (air)
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PostSubject: Re: Venomancers   Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:46 pm

To explain venos...

Veno is the female untamed class.
Like Barbarians we can change into our animal form... which is fox.
Although we can tame pets, we cannot tame all of them.

What are some veno builds?

Well the Veno has 2 sides of skills for you to choose from.
Original form skills and Foxform skills. PICK ONE! or else your just wasting money and spirit Rolling Eyes

Well there is always the arcane build. Most of the venos skills (starting out) are all magic based. You get a pet and let it tank for you, while you cast stuff on it. Most of the skills you get will have DoTs (Damage over time) on them.
The Mage build is using only your original form (not foxform).
Now as for stats... I normally do 3 magic 2 vit with the occasional str for weapon and armor equipping. I also have 20 dex for the extra crit boost. Now most venos do about 4 magic 1 vit... but i prefer more health. I even know some venos who dont put any vit so really its your choice on how much HP vs Magic attack you want.

Then there is your Foxform (Light) build. A lot of foxform built venos go light build (using light armor). Foxform uses more physical attacks then magical and has some KILLER debuffs. You can still use pets so thats all good.
As i am not a foxform build, i cant give you much info on stats but i guess you can way you build them just like dex BMs and Archers (id assume).
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PostSubject: Veno help   Fri May 01, 2009 11:28 pm

Some venos like me are light armor but they are still magic based. This provides a little extra defense while taking a little off ur hp. I'd rather have defense than hp but once in a while i add a little hp to it. Here is a great site that will help you with any builds and it will tell you which skills to keep and which skill to not touch at all.

Hope this will help you out a little

RyuuHime Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Venomancers   

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