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 FB's, a few tips and hints

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PostSubject: FB's, a few tips and hints   Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:29 pm

this is a little page for me to review the FB's i been in and allow everyone to review this for minor tips

FB 19

this is straight forward, just be careful and don't get killed Smile

FB 29

once Again, kinda straight forward. when you reach the Circle Room, you must go north because a gaurd tower locked the bosses room

FB 39

This is where this thread helps, after the first couple twists and turns, you'll meet 2 monsters both named Specter Guard. one will be a ghoul and the other a Terrawraith. you MUST kill the terrawraith and not the Ghoul (this means kill the magus looking one and not the nether servant looking one).

after they have been killed, you'll notice you can reach Moss sprites now alot easier. after the quest has been finished( 5 moss sprite killed), return back to the room with the big sealed door. go to the torch beside it and follow the path behind the rocks. go along with the FB and stay alert ^___^

FB 51

This one is Tricky. i suggest please wait on this until you have the quest "The Book" which is an extension of "The Scepter".

when going in there's not much to know then that. just remember that the wall can be your friend in that FB. during the third guardian (the one behind a pillar), simply let 1 member and a cleric follow along the walls and reach the enemy. if you have an archer, they are best choice, but any class can do it.

during the last hallway, you can easily run along the wall and miss the 2 terrawraith mobs and reach the boss safely.

FB 59

This FB is pretty much 1 rule, Wine or nothing. this FB has 5 bosses and a lot of mobs, this will be a 2 hour fb if you don't have wine.

IMPORTANT FACT : this FB has a glitch on the last boss (boss of Earth), you MUST ONLY use tab once the monster is about 1/4 hp left and you MUST NOT use 2 spark skills.
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FB's, a few tips and hints
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