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 Friendship Crystal Guide

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PostSubject: Friendship Crystal Guide   Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:38 pm

"Friendship Crystal" is a monster drop. It is used to start a quest at the Elder of Archosaur. You can only do it once a day.

When you turn it in, the elder will give you an "Orb of Memories" and tell you to find two friends. You have 5 hours to do this. Without two friends, the only option is to turn it in for 5k exp.

Once you find two friends, squad up, and gather at the Elder. At this time, the Elder will show a 2nd option in his dialogue. That is, to check if your friends have done the quest today. Note, the 2nd option don't come up if your friends had already done it that day.

Now, Elder will take the "Orb of Memories". A new quest will come up at the Elder to tell you to bring your friends to a white lady standing somewhere high up. She is at 538, 643 (30).

Your friends need to be near her for you to complete the quest. At this point, you will get 15k exp and a Flawed Pendant of Friendship, and your two friends will get an "Orb of Memories" each.

Now, this "Orb of Memories" is the same as the orb you gotten at first, just different color.

Disband the party, your friends need to find another two friends each, who also haven't done the quest today. Form squads of three and gather at Elder to start quest.

Repeat as what you had done, they will get 15k exp, a "Flawed Pendant of Friendship" AND one "Stone of Friendship". Remember you invited two friends? If everything done correctly, they will pass you their "Stone of Friendship" and you will have two "Stone of Friendship" for you to complete your quest.

Now, head to the Elder (note: must not be in a squad) and he will imbed the two "Stone of Friendship" into the "Flawed Pendant of Friendship". You will get a "Friendship Pendant" quest item in your inventory.

Fly to the lady in white, and give it to her. You will gain 5 Reputations and a "Token of Friendship". I turned in the "Token of Friendship" for 5k exp, but I think there is more to it. I hope to try someday soon... hope you guys read this and start doing it, instead of turning orb in for only 5k exp.

Simple enough quest and 15k exp in 5mins.

For those who don't like to read too much, read below... =_=;

1. get friendship crystal from mob.

2. turn in crystal at Elder of Archosaur.

3. find two pple who haven't done the friendship quest today.

4. Squad up and gather at Elder.

5. Choose 2nd option "Haven't they done it today?" (i think that's the wording)

6. Orb dissappears and get part 2 quest from elder.

7. Quest tell u find girl at 538, 643 (30).

8. All three fly there.

9. Quest starter finish quest get 15k exp and flawed pendant, two friends get only an orb each.

10. Disband, orb holder finds two pple who haven't done quest today.

11. Squad up, gather at Elder to start quest.

12. Fly to white lady to finish quest.

13. NOW! they get 15k exp, flawed pendant, and a STONE OF FRIENDSHIP!! their two friends get only an orb each.

14. total 7 pple involved, will have 3 flawed pendants, 2 stone of friendship, and 4 orb of memories.

15. two stone of friendship will be passed to very first quest starter.

16. he will go elder to imbed the two stones in flawed pendant. go white lady to get 5reps and one token of friendship.

golden pyramid, MLM, whatever u call it! xDDD
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Friendship Crystal Guide
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