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 TW tactic sugestion

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PostSubject: TW tactic sugestion   Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:50 pm

1. when we attacking we dont need build all turrets, lets build only in base 4 x binding...

2. attack from flank, and not from road, where 2 turrets can attack you, just bring catapult from flanks attack from wall Razz there is many space to move, and open area when we can easy see enemy unit, and we will be not had problem when another troops will be comming from B position, coz we will be see them from flank...

3. dont attack alone or in group 3-4 person... this is TW, war for squads not for single units Razz

4. take always addiction catapult scroll, some time catapults layed safe on enemy front, tanker died ok... but we can still kill opurnitty and retake catapult what we not done...

5. if enemy troops is much bigger just wait for others, dont do suicide action Razz coz our troops who incoming from behind will be come help you, and of corse they will be die XD just look on point 3 Razz

6. Those who not using catapult just use "bidning stone" to fast tele from city to enemy front... how work it? You saw that funny blue and red pillars? Just talk to them... and when you die, go to glowing circle... where is 2 sword under that circle... and you will be teleportet instant... that safe 1-3 minutes walk!! Razz after tele, you must talk again to that binding stone/pillar to rebind you tele position... (that little piss me off only few guys using that Razz)

and on my feel... after destroy first line turrets... good think is DD's on enemy wall XD coz enemy troops will be looking on catapults... not on who is on the wall :} (of corse when our catapults is still nearly gates that will be work...)

on my feel barb must do some think like i done... hiding without tiger form in middle on catapult... really hard to target... (need it first killed previous enemy units who targeted before you cheat Razz ) you saw how long i can stand up when i hiding in catapult... on my feel good tanker will be invulnarable at this rate :]

small idea: this is normal tanker catapult will be attacked, then some another tank/cleric without catapult can hide in attacking catapult? and wait for time to retake control to that catapult... on this way previous 2 ideas will be worked well ^^

and main problem... trops not come in time... only few guys used binded stone to tele fast on front... more then 2/3 troops just always lost time on walking from city to front... whatever we done, always 33-50% troops was still on way... and we still fighed without full power, that why we lost many time... isnt harder kill big group? Razz enemy was had spawn nearly then that why we fucked by fast incoming troops ^^

and main problem... we still had person who not using charm... you say 300K its expencive? then i say you in big wrong Razz
Gold Spirit Charm 900K MP -> this is like for 1 coint = 3 MP.
now lets see potions 60 lvl... 1070 coint price for 1250 MP .... ah this is just around 1 coint = 1 MP Razz To resupply 900K MP you need it spend 900K coint... this is 3 spirit charms Razz

so? Charm is 3 timer cheapper Razz , if they cost 300-400K is still "cheap" Razz

on same way i can calculate to Golden Guardian Charms what gave 600K HP

another subject on my feel we must little start talking about usefull skills :]
i will be start from my class cleric:
- cyclone good dmg vr enemy tanker/bladers, and slow down them!! that make them much more easier target for ours DD
- high lvl (min 6)paralyze to stop enemy bladers/tankers (not use to ranged unit)
- high lvl (min 5)chromatic sleep good to disrupt enemy ranged unit :] (they cannot move and shot ^^)
- dont forget buffs our troops this giving av. addiction 20% magic/phys res rate
- and dont forget about spirit gift to all ranged unit (archers using magic too)

to all DD's: if you dont had enuff power to kill enemy unit? use spark!! Razz (especialy great if you had adv spark +400% dmg)

another usefull skills:
stuning :] - one stune no problem, but few on raw ^^ will be fucked enemy XD (especialy good to cover person who bring catapult)

and some fight need it little to talk Razz
avoid fight like mage vr mage...(mage is easy target for archer and cleric ploom shot)

avoid fight like cleric ploom shot vr blader/tanker (you saw i not using plum shot only lightings and cyclone coz of they metal dmg)

blader running after archer... (lol? XD good archer will be fuck you easy, he faster, he done much dmg, and he can still push you back Razz if you need kill archer dont do that alone...)

veno pets - dont send pets to fight vr bladers/barb, just send to mage/cleric, cleric will be lost time for heal him self, mage will be stop attack our tankers and start push back pet Razz

if you see enemy pets attacking our bladers/tanks, just ignore them... they had good phys defence they will be ok...

archer class can fuck any other class in fight 1 vr 1 so dont fight alone vr them ^^... of corse if they lvl not really different :]

sorry for any gramma wrongs my english not pretty well XD

any one had more sugestion? ^^
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TW tactic sugestion
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